Hello, I’m Mario.

I’m that guy thats matured with age, like a nice cheese or bottle of red, its taken a while, but now I’m worth drinking.

I talk about Agile stuff

I do consultancy stuff with computers

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These two ❤️ are absolute bastards! Don’t let the faces fool you, they are Hunter machines sent from the future, they prey on the weak and will not stop until you are exhausted https://t.co/vZi44xlQcT mariodc photo

Just a public service announcement for those who are confused - I don’t live in the house from home alone nor do I live in a caravan. I’m sorry for both of those things. Happy Christmas xx https://t.co/uZ0vOKan0l mariodc photo

The fire risk is up just for you @porchesterbus I know what a Christmas Scrooge you are!!!! #christmas https://t.co/aAnvAg7UVz mariodc photo

Well done everyone https://t.co/PlULVtQSgi
mariodc photo
BJSS (from 🏡) @BJSSLtd
Another win for the @DVSAgovuk Digital Driving Tests team for the Paperless category at the #SmarterWorkingLive Awards.🏆

Following on from the IT Project Team of the Year win at the #UKITIndustry Awards. A huge achievement by the combined BJSS, DVSA and @KainosSoftware team. https://t.co/7kjd7hBbSn

Getting some miles in for #Movember2020 and trying to catch up https://t.co/ENlTmIyuf5 mariodc photo

Had one of those. Like every time I eat at McDonald’s. A sense of Initial risk & excitement, a feeling of gluttony & wanton abandon as I fill my face & then a slow dawning of guilt, regret & pain ...although I did beat my previous PB of 75 seconds .... https://t.co/HkM2QmqH1S mariodc photo

I’m a Dad to lots of Daughters

I build websites and stuff too.


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A beautiful view of Nottingham from the office, not my favourite city but one of my favourite views of the Council House.

My latest talks .

“I love what I do and I’m privileged to do what Iove”

I am a technology professional working specifically with clients undertaking large scale digital transformation. I began my career as a SysAdmin and after several years working throughout the world finding my feet in technology & learning my way, I now work advising these clients on Agile, using technology smartly and handling their IT estates.

Outside of technology I cook and BBQ quite a lot, step in and out of both running & riding Mountain Bikes, and attend some fantastic Midlands digital meet ups. I also stream the odd video game including Minecraft, and I write a technology blog here.