Hello, I’m Mario.

I’m that guy thats matured with age, like a nice cheese or bottle of red, its taken a while, but now I’m worth drinking.

I talk about Agile stuff

I do consultancy stuff with computers

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I’m a Dad to lots of Daughters

I build websites and stuff too.


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A beautiful view of Nottingham from the office, not my favourite city but one of my favourite views of the Council House.

My latest talks .

“I love what I do and I’m privileged to do what Iove”

I am a technology professional working specifically with clients undertaking large scale digital transformation. I began my career as a SysAdmin and after several years working throughout the world finding my feet in technology & learning my way, I now work advising these clients on Agile, using technology smartly and handling their IT estates.

Outside of technology I cook and BBQ quite a lot, step in and out of both running & riding Mountain Bikes, and attend some fantastic Midlands digital meet ups. I also stream the odd video game including Minecraft, and I write a technology blog here.