Hello, I’m Mario.

I’m that guy thats matured with age, like a nice cheese or bottle of red, its taken a while, but now I’m worth drinking.

I talk about Agile stuff

I do consultancy stuff with computers

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who is getting ready for that first tasty sip of ice cold beer for their #beeroclock seeing as its Friday. Whatchu drinkin'? Mad one tonight or something casual?

Gorgeous lunch time views over t’lake acts as perfect opportunity to detox, keep head clear and thoughts on point https://t.co/puauYJRCjx mariodc photo

I’m a Dad to lots of Daughters

I build websites and stuff too.


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A beautiful view of Nottingham from the office, not my favourite city but one of my favourite views of the Council House.

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“I love what I do and I’m privileged to do what Iove”

I am a technology professional working specifically with clients undertaking large scale digital transformation. I began my career as a SysAdmin and after several years working throughout the world finding my feet in technology & learning my way, I now work advising these clients on Agile, using technology smartly and handling their IT estates.

Outside of technology I cook and BBQ quite a lot, step in and out of both running & riding Mountain Bikes, and attend some fantastic Midlands digital meet ups. I also stream the odd video game including Minecraft, and I write a technology blog here.